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As technology requirement grows, the officers in the Academy should be comfortable in handling it. We have started module based training to give them the proper exposure

Director/ Inspector General of Police, CRPF Academy, H.R. Singh

Director/ Inspector General of Police, CRPF Academy, H.R. SinghWhat is your vision for this Training Academy? Also, tell us a little about your infrastructure.
I see this Academy as the cradle for the future leaders of the Force. My vision is to make it the best in the world. We constantly review our training modules to stay updated. For example, recently we have conducted a UN course here for 46 days and officers from 30 countries were trained here. They were very impressed with the infrastructure and quality of training. Also, we made some changes after the UN programmes, for example, instead of weekly programmes we are focussing more on the daily ones.

This is a 200 acre campus and we have state-of-the-art facilities to train our young officers. We have world-class shooting range which was the venue for the Commonwealth Games. We have a training hostel with 230 rooms. Many new things are going to be added soon like the stadium, quality indoor sports complex etc. I have also started horse riding under adventure sports. Further, we also got a sanction for a swimming pool which will be a reality soon, perhaps in another six months.

What kind of training modules do you have for the trainees?
Recently, we have reviewed the entire syllabus for both indoor and outdoor. After a lot of discussions with the headquarters and the training branch, a module of 53-week training was finalised. It includes indoor training, outdoor training, jungle surviving module, firing module, map reading module, and law module etc. In this 53-week training, all aspects of their combat leadership as company commander are covered starting from physical fitness, organisational culture, operational planning and tactical exposure to study tour and relate it to the ground forces.

How many recruits on an average do you train every year?
This is not in our hands. Every year the officers are selected by the UPSC and after the selection is made we have to train them. For example, in the 42nd batch, we have 151 officers and in the 43rd A and B batches we have 300 officers. This current batch, however, has 426 officers, of which, A and B batch of 354 officers are getting trained in three different locations.

Since the trainees in the current batch are trained in three different locations, do you see a mismatch in the level of training they undergo?
We tried to standardise the syllabus for all the batches. For that matter we have sent the same syllabus - soft and hard copy - to those institutes. All the batches are under my supervision and also, same staff is sent to teach the trainees in the other two locations.

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