"The Adour Mk 871 engine, which powers the Hawk AJT, is the latest in a long line of engines license produced by HAL. We also support HAL in their licensed manufacture of the Adour 804/811 for the Jaguar fleet"
Vice President, Customer Business India – Defence, Dr. Glenn Kelly

Glenn KellyWhat are your ongoing programmes with the Indian Air Force?

We are proud of the long-standing relationship with India which stretches back to the time Rolls-Royce powered the first flight of the Indian Air Force (IAF). Since then, we have further built and strengthened this relationship to turn it into one that will stretch far into the future. Today, more than 750 Rolls-Royce engines of 10 engine types are powering aircraft of the Indian military. Our engines power a wide variety of aircraft in the inventory of the IAF – from combat and strike aircraft (the Jaguar, powered by the Adour Mk811) to trainers (Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer, powered by Adour Mk871) to strategic airlift aircraft (C-130J Hercules, powered by AE2100) and even VVIP and Surveillance aircraft (ERJ145, powered by AE3007). Our field service representatives (FSRs) work in close support with IAF personnel to maximise the availability of engines on wings and provide on-ground technical advice directly to our customers, thereby drastically reducing maintenance and overhaul times.

How do you support the IAF’s current fleet of aircraft that uses Rolls Royce’s engines? Specifically in the C-130J programme, what kind of support do you provide for the fleet currently in service with the IAF?

Rolls-Royce provides the highest possible levels of support to the Adour Mk871, which powers the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer, on which the next generation of Indian pilots are trained. For C 130J, we work with our partner, Lockheed Martin on providing comprehensive support solutions. This includes MissionCare® to support the second batch of AE 2100 engine fleet whilst working through Lockheed Martin more directly to provide support on the first batch.

MissionCare® is a comprehensive support service combining the capabilities and expertise of Rolls-Royce as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to maximise the engine availability. 24/7 technical support, specialised fleet data analysis capability and local, regional and global support networks are utilised to provide unparalleled support services. We also provide MissionCare® on the AE3007 fleet, powering the AEW&C and VVIP aircraft.

Tell us a little about your collaborations with HAL and Indian private sector companies.

Rolls-Royce and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) have been associated with each other for over 60 years, one of the longest partnerships in defence aerospace history. The partnership, which began with the licensed production of Orpheus engines, has since progressed to the co-production of the Adour family of engines. The Adour Mk 871 engine, which powers the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer, is the latest in a long line of engines license produced by HAL. We also support HAL in their licensed manufacture of the Adour 804/811 for the Jaguar fleet. These are excellent examples of our long-term commitment to developing the Indian aerospace industry and delivering Indian self-reliance. HAL also provides maintenance, repair and overhaul on other Rolls-Royce engines, namely the Dart and Gnome.

Hawk 132 Advanced Jet Trainer Aircraft AJT

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