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Airbus Group has an Excellent Record in Creating Highly Productive Manufacturing Collaborations with Nations around the World
Vice president, sales, military aircraft, Asia Pacific, Federico Lacalle

Federico Lacalle Airbus-Tata collaboration is the only respondent to the Indian ministry of defence’s tender on Avro replacement. What is the update on the programme now?
We have submitted our proposal and now we are simply waiting for the MoD to decide on how to proceed. We understand that following the change of administration and defence minister, this may take a little longer than expected.

What is the nature of your partnership with Tata for the Avro programme? What parts of the aircrafts will be manufactured by the Indian company? What technologies are you planning to transfer to Tata in the course of this programme?
We are acutely conscious of India’s aspirations to increase the strength of the private aerospace sector. Airbus Defence and Space, and Airbus Group in general, have an excellent record in creating highly productive manufacturing collaborations with nations around the world.

In this case, via Tata, it will support the private sector in making the highly significant leap to creating a modern and efficient aircraft final assembly line (FAL), and carrying out main components assembly and detailed parts production. Additionally, it will also create an Indian supply chain supporting the production of a market-leading military transport. Tata, which has a rich engineering heritage, will join the ranks of the world’s aircraft producers with all that that promises for the future.

Have you identified the manufacturing facilities (in India) from where C-295 for Avro replacement programme would be produced, in case Airbus wins the project?
We have evaluated several locations but we haven’t yet finalised the choice of the manufacturing site. Please note that the first aircraft from the Indian FAL is due to be produced six years after contract signature.

What are the updates on A330 MRTT programme? Contract negotiations have been on for a while now. When are you expecting the contract to get signed?
We are responding to the MoD’s requests and naturally we hope to have a signature as soon as possible. But we understand the delays due to the change of administration in the MoD and budget constraints.

Are you planning to field A400M for India’s future strategic lift requirements?
We recognise that there is no short-term requirement for this class of aircraft in India but we are convinced that in the fullness of time the A400M will be of interest. The key point is that the A400M uniquely offers a combination of strategic and tactical capabilities. It can carry large and heavy loads over intercontinental distances at jet-like speeds and altitudes, but it can also land on short and unprepared runways close to the scene of battle or humanitarian crisis.

Answered by Official Spokesperson, Airbus D&S

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