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We work with the philosophy of having a friendly border population and we make constant endeavour to achieve higher degree of attainment in this direction
Director General, Border Security Force, Devendra Kumar Pathak
DG-BSF The Border Security Force (BSF) will now have the additional responsibility of the Myanmar border. What will this involve in terms of manpower, resources, familiarisation of terrain and the challenges of the border? Will you recommend fencing of this border too?

This has been agreed in principle but no final decision has been taken so far by the government. We have projected requirement of manpower along with support and supervisory staff to take on the responsibility of Indo-Myanmar border. Guarding any border requires a lot of effort, however guarding the Indo-Myanmar border would require more concerted efforts in the background of the fact that virtually no infrastructure in terms of road/rail/air connectivity exist. So, developing such infrastructure in a difficult terrain of this border would pose multiple challenges.

What kind of working equation do you envisage with the Assam Rifles in the beginning?

The modalities of deployment is yet to be finalised, however, mutual cooperation between Assam Rifles and BSF would be the most desirable arrangement.

What is the current status at the Bangladesh border? How much of it remains to be fenced? When will this be completed?

BSF is manning approximately 4,096 kilometres in the Indo-Bangladesh border. Government of India has sanctioned around 3,359 kilometres of border fencing, out of which maximum length of fencing has been completed and the remaining is under construction. However, efforts are being made to erect fencing wherever feasible. Construction of fencing at some places on Indo-Bangladesh border is not feasible due to riverine/ low lying areas and population within 150 yard from International Border etc. In order to meet security requirements of such areas, a comprehensive technological solution is being looked for.

Given the issues of human trafficking and cattle smuggling, what more can be done to stop illegal activities at this border?

Vulnerability mapping of the areas prone to human trafficking and cattle smuggling is reviewed from time to time. All possible efforts are made to plug the loopholes. This is a dynamic arrangement which requires constant review and remedial measures.

What is your level of engagement with the border population in this sector?

We work with the philosophy of having a friendly border population and we make constant endeavour to achieve higher degree of attainment in this direction. For this purpose we carry out various civic action programmes and close interaction with border population.

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