‘The IAF is Aware of the Dual Mode Brimstone’s Exceptional Capabilities Which Were Recently Proved in Libya and Afghanistan’
Country Head, India, MBDA, Loic Piedevache
From MBDA’s Indian market perspective, how were Eurosatory 2012 and Farnborough Air Show 2012?
These are two very important international shows which attract customers and high level delegations from around the world. Because of this, the exhibits are not solely linked to country campaigns but more towards demonstrating MBDA’s position at the forefront of defence sector innovation.

In this respect, at Eurosatory we introduced the Advanced Tactical Training Architecture for Combat System (ATTACS) solution for the tactical training of armed forces with networked weapons such as the latest Milan and Eryx combat support systems. At Farnborough we showed the progress that had been made with air-launched weapons like Dual Mode Brimstone, and its now proven suitability for anti-Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC) missions. Another highlight was Meteor, now that this world-leading BVRAAM (Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile) weapon has concluded its guided firing programme and is on schedule for first production deliveries to be made at the end of this year.

A totally new weapon, SPEAR, was also presented at the show as a solution to the UK Ministry of Defence’s requirement for a multi-surface target weapon for its future fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. Unique in providing such a broad target set from ships to tanks and hardened ground structures, SPEAR is again evidence of MBDA’s innovation skills and the trust placed in it by the UK government to provide cutting edge technology.

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