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We have delivered over 300 aircraft to government agencies around the world for a full range of specialised mission applications
Vice President, Sales, China and Asia-Pacific, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, Andy Solem
Andy Solem Please provide an update on the operations of SpiceJet Bombardier Q400 aircraft in India.
SpiceJet received its first Q400 in August 2011 and now operates 15 – they complement very well their larger aircraft. SpiceJet has grown to become a leading airline in India and has set the benchmark in Tier 2 and 3 city connectivity in the country. We’re committed to our relationship with the airline and are in continuous discussions with them about Q400’s ongoing operations and future expansion possibilities.

Does Bombardier also offer special mission aircraft configurations for maritime patrol etc.?
Yes we do. Our specialised aircraft division has delivered over 300 aircraft to government agencies around the world for a full range of specialised mission applications such as C4ISR, maritime patrol, search and rescue, executive transport, logistics support, flight inspection, aircrew training and medevac.

What is the latest news regarding the Bombardier Q400?
In the last quarter of 2013 we noticed a very active sales pipeline in both traditional and growth markets with sales in Africa to Arik Air, Rwandair, Air Cote d’Ivoire; and sales in China and Asia-Pacific regions with Sutong Airlines from China, Nok Air from Thailand. We also made headway in Russia with letter of intent for the sale of 100 Q400 NextGen aircraft and Seattle-based Horizon/Alaska Airlines ordered more Q400 NextGen. Most recently, lessor Palma Holdings Ltd. from the Middle-East and Falcon Aviation Services from Abu-Dhabi placed orders as well.

Also worth mentioning, we announced last November a new extra capacity seating option, which will allow the Q400 NextGen aircraft to accommodate up to 86 passengers and offer an overall operating seat cost advantage of up to 17 per cent compared to the competition. Nok Air is the launch customer for this new version. We continue to look at ways to keep enhancing the Q400 platform.

What are Bombardier offerings in the regional transport aircraft segment?
We have observed during the last decade or so that rising fuel prices have caused an increasing number of carriers to shift towards turboprop operations. When it comes to short- to medium-haul segments, our Q400 NextGen is flexible and fast enough to compete with jet block times while offering up to seven per cent lower fuel burn per seat than its turboprop competitor. It really is the most profitable and cost-effective solution to connect India’s Tier 2 and 3 cities and is best suited to perform in diverse and challenging landscapes and environments.

Regional jets, on the other hand, have been the key to opening longer, thinner connections in both hub and spoke as well as point to point systems where larger variations in range are encountered – our CRJ NextGen family offers a common engine, advanced avionics, an enhanced cabin and the lowest cash operating costs in the industry.
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