Our group is successfully running many JVs for the last three decades and we are always open to tying up with reputed companies
Executive director, Kalyani Group, Amit B Kalyani
Amit B KalyaniKalyani group has been trying to take several steps towards indigenisation of defence equipment. Can you share some of these key initiatives?
Indigenisation and innovation is the only way that our country can be self-reliant. Kalyani Group has taken number of steps in the defence sector towards this end. We have always supported the defence forces by meeting emergent requirements of ammunition shells for all artillery equipment and road wheels and tracks for armoured fighting vehicles. We have also developed rockets and rocket motor tubes whenever asked for.

In the past three years, we have invested considerably in research and development (R&D) for the defence sector through which we have been able to produce an indigenously designed and developed 155/52 calibre howitzer gun. We have also developed a light weight field gun both of which were on display at DefExpo 2014.

Further, we have developed an indigenous unmanned ground vehicle and have also forayed into electronics products that can be used by the defence forces. In addition, through collaborations, teaming and joint ventures we are in the field for manufacturing mine protected vehicles, soft kill systems and so on. We believe in the adage of partnering technology and driving innovation.

Is the company’s recent thrust in the defence sector a result of slowdown being witnessed in other areas? What kind of involvement do you intend to maintain in defence?
For a moment, let us forget about sectors and take a look at our demography. India is a country of young people and by 2022 the average age of the nation would be 29 years. We need to engage this young population in useful nation-building activity. Manufacturing offers a perfect avenue for channelising their energies. We need to give impetus to manufacturing. Defence and aerospace are two sectors offering great opportunity. The question is whether we as a nation will take advantage of this opportunity or not. Our drive is initiated by this need and we strongly believe that manufacturing in this country needs encouragement and defence and aerospace can help fill this gap.

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