We would be totally ready to indigenise significant subsystems/components; some of which could be used for any other AIP system the Indian Navy might choose later

Managing director, DCNS India Bernard Buisson

Indigenisation was one of the key requirements of Project-75. Today, almost halfway through the programme, what level of indigenisation has DCNS helped MDL achieve?
Today, more than 50 per cent of the Mazagon Purchase Materials (MPM) originally manufactured and/or supplied by DCNS have been successfully sub-contracted by DCNS India to Indian industries. Some Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) have already been conducted in the facilities of these Indian vendors in the presence of MDL.

As part of an Extended Indigenisation Programme, DCNS is also qualifying Indian companies for equipment which are not manufactured by DCNS such as batteries, cables, water plant etc. MDL has to purchase directly these items from the local vendors.

DCNS is doing this indigenisation work at no extra cost for MDL/ MOD. This is a remarkable achievement when it is very well known that indigenisation, especially for small quantities (there are only four submarines benefitting from indigenisation of MPM equipment), could add up to 50 per cent to the cost of the same equipment procured directly from the OEM.

In order to get the best cost effective solution while guaranteeing the necessary quality for diving safety, DCNS has looked at two-to-three local manufacturers for each type of equipment to be indigenised. The process of identifying, auditing, qualifying and certifying all these companies is very detailed, time consuming and, therefore, costly. Once the industrial partners have been certified, the process of transferring them the transfer of technologies (TOTs), the production drawings and providing them with adequate training and technical assistance to support them to produce the first equipment as per DCNS quality standards has also been very time consuming and costly.

In order to achieve all the above tasks, maintaining real time responsiveness to the numerous requests for assistance from its industrial partners, DCNS has set up a task force comprising expatriates and Indian engineers based at its Indian headquarters, Mumbai, and at the production sites of our Indian partners.
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