Atlas Elektronik is Committed to the Indian Market With an Ambitious Project to Assemble and Produce Sonar Systems in India in Collaboration with Indian Industry
Atlas Elektronik India, CEO, Khalil Rahman
Khalil Rahman Please give a sense of Atlas Elektronik’s portfolio for India in terms of weapons, platforms and ASW systems?
India has a very ambitious programme of shipbuilding, both surface ships and submarines. As such no major company can afford to ignore the Indian market.

In terms of weapons, Atlas Elektronik sees a large potential in the Indian torpedo market. Atlas Elektronik is the only European manufacturer that has the complete range of torpedo technologies. We are also the only company really investing in new torpedo technologies such as the extended range torpedo. We are looking at developing partnerships with India in order to allow India to develop an indigenous torpedo that integrates aspects of our technology.

Besides, the Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) market is a big opportunity for Atlas Elektronik in India. India wants to project power over the Indian Ocean and to counter the growing Chinese influence. In order to do this the underwater warfare segment is critical and ASW is the flip side of the submarine coin. Atlas Elektronik is one of the main ASW equipment like towed array sonar and hull-mounted sonar suppliers in the world. It has a suite of products in the underwater warfare segment such as the Atlas Elektronik Modular ASW Combat System (AMACs) and is one of the few global players with a complete ASW solution.

One of the immediate Atlas Elektronik’s programmes in India is Active Towed Array Sonar (ACTAS). What is the update on this programme and how many units is the Indian Navy looking for?
Atlas has won the competition for the ACTAS which is a well-conceived project and is a cost effective way to strengthen the underwater capabilities of the Indian Navy.

ACTAS will equip the Delhi and Talwar class ships initially and subsequently be manufactured in India under cooperation with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL). The first six systems will be imported and the next batches will be built in India under a transfer of technology (ToT) arrangement.

Atlas Elektronik is committed to the Indian market with an ambitious project to assemble and produce sonar systems (including towed array systems) in India in collaboration with Indian industry.

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