AE remains committed to the Indian market for HWT and is actively investing in developing a supply chain for a ‘Make in India’ torpedo
Khalil Rahman, CEO, Atlas Elektronik India

Khalil Rahman Please give us an update on your ongoing programmes with the Indian defence forces including the status on the active towed array sonar systems (ACTAS) for the Indian Navy?
The ACTAS contract, which was signed in 2014, is ongoing. This will equip the Delhi and Talwar class ships initially. The contract stipulates that the first system will be delivered within 18 months, thereafter one system every six months. We are also providing the Indian Navy with upgrades for the SUT torpedo.

Besides, following are the other ongoing programmes where Atlas Elektronik is involved:

The Mine Counter Measures (MCM) programme with 12 ships to be built by Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) is of particular interest to Atlas Elektronik. Atlas is one of the global leaders in MCM and have supplied our equipment to various navies, even where an indigenous capability exists. (for eg, USA, Sweden).

In the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) area, we will be bidding for the Buy and Make Indian programme of IADS. This is an ASW suite consisting of a sonar, decoy and fire control system and it will equip P15B and P17A ships. The Request for Proposal (RFP) is not yet released, but is expected soon, according to the navy.

We are also bidding for 16 shallow watercraft. Atlas Elektronik has provided offers for the sonar systems for 16 shallow water ASW craft to various Indian shipyards that are bidding for the project. Each of these 16 ships will be equipped with a hull mounted sonar and low frequency variable depth sonar (LFVDS). This is a specialised ASW craft designed to operate in littoral waters. The project is undergoing and the Indian Navy will be undertaking trials shortly.

Is your primary focus still on the Indian torpedo market? What opportunities do you see in this area for your company?
The torpedo market is a key market worldwide for Atlas and it is safe to say that Atlas Elektronik (AE) is the European leader in electric heavyweight torpedoes.

AE is the leading supplier of torpedo technology and invests heavily in R&D. We are the world leader in heavy weight torpedo (HWT) technology, supplying to over 17 navies and own almost 100 per cent of the intellectual property which puts us in a unique position to indigenise design and production.

The life extension of the Indian Navy’s SUT HWT to over 40 years is a good example of our commitment and longevity as a technology partner. The SUT HWT can be used on all Western origin naval submarines.

AE remains committed to the Indian market for HWT and is actively investing in developing a supply chain for a ‘Make in India’ torpedo. In conjunction with Indian public and private entities, AE will be happy to offer the Indian Navy an indigenised heavy weight torpedo.

In P-75(I) programme, what opportunities do you see for Atlas Elektronik? Do you have Indian partners for this programme?
As we all know, the Request for Information (RFI) for the Project 75 (I) has been issued and the RFP for the programme is still awaited pending the initiatives of the government on things like strategic partnership. Atlas is usually a key sub-supplier to TKMS submarines and would probably offer our new integrated Sonar system known as ISUS 100 to the project.

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