We Envisage the C-27J as the Backbone of the Future IAF Transport Fleet
Alenia Aermacchi Spokesperson
The Indian ministry of defence has approved Indian Air Force’s plan to replace its Avro fleet. When do you expect to receive the Request For Proposal (RFP)?
Alenia participated in the meeting held at the MoD regarding the Avro replacement programme together with other aeronautics companies. We are not in a position to say when the RFP will be issued but we can confirm that we are on the list of the recipients when it will be formally issued.

The government envisages maximum 60 per cent indigenous element in the programme. What would this mean for Alenia Aermacchi in terms of technology transfer?
The 60 per cent requirement is a very ambitious target for both the producer and the customer considering the difficulties related to this kind of project. Regardless, Alenia Aermacchi considers the IAF Avro replacement a very important undertaking and the IAF as one of the most demanding customers, so this programme is considered a priority for us. Alenia Aermacchi is perfectly able to comply with the requirement and keen to follow all the obligations listed in the RFP, including this heavy share of transfer of technology.

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