Whoever who flies in A400M is hugely impressed by it, so we are confident that we will have good grounds for discussion in India when everyone is ready
Vice President, defence capability marketing, Airbus Military, Ian Elliott
Ian ElliottThere has been a lot of talk about the increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and co-production with foreign manufacturers. What is your opinion on this?
The key thing is that we are confident that we can find solutions to meet the aspirations of the Indian industry in this regard and that the C-295 is a good vehicle for more progress. There is a long way to go to finalise the arrangements, of course, but this is very promising for both us and the Indian industry.

What is the update on the Indian Navy’s Medium Range Maritime Reconnaisance (MRMR) programme? At what stage is the programme?
It is still at a very early stage. We are taking care to understand the thinking of the navy on this, and we are keeping them informed of the aircraft in our product range that we think are of interest.

If we were to talk about the opportunities with the Indian Navy (beyond MRMR) and the Coast Guard for this aircraft (C-295), what is your assessment? When do you think these ideas will fructify?
One step at a time I think!

Tell us a little about the Airborne Early Warning (AEW) version of C-295. Do you see any interest from the Indian customers for this aircraft?
We were always clear that it would take a while for the C-295 AEW to break into the market. But we have had good interest from day one and there is a clear recognition that this is a very cost-effective solution for a number of nations. We can’t talk specifics, but in due course this will be a successful programme for us.

What is the response from the Indian Navy (IN) and Indian Air Force (IAF) for your new and improved version of C-295 with winglets?
The winglets are of primary significance in the IAF Avro replacement programme. They come into their own in hot and high conditions and will be very important in achieving performance gains in Indian bases where those kinds of conditions occur.

Are you planning to partner with any of the Indian private sector companies for your naval programmes? Please mention if there are any partnerships that are already present in this area.
Well, it is much too early to know how the naval programmes will work out. At this stage we are only being asked for information about our possible products.

When are you expecting to sign the contract for A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) programme? Did you finish all the documentation work including the final price discussions? Did the talks also involve the details for the additional six A330 MRTT aircrafts?
The talks are progressing well and naturally we hope to finalise the contract as soon as possible.
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