’There Are Many Other Opportunities which is Why India Remains a Priority Country for EADS. Our Determination to Increase our Sourcing in India Remains Unchanged’
-CEO, EADS India Pvt Ltd, Yves Guillaume    

CEO, EADS India Pvt Ltd, Yves Guillaume 
EADS has capabilities across various domains like air, land, sea, space and cyberspace. Of these, where would your focus be in the Indian market in the coming years?

EADS has a very broad portfolio of products and services in the fields of commercial aviation, defence and security, as well as space. The Group is targeting opportunities in all these areas.

What exactly is the mandate and role of EADS India Pvt Ltd?

EADS India Private Ltd. is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of EADS based in Delhi. Its mission has shifted over the years from a liaison office in the early days
to a corporate entity which is steering and coordinating the development of the Group in India, both in commercial and industrial terms. Its support functions today include Strategy and Marketing, Sourcing, Human Resources coordination, Finance coordination and Institutional Relations.

EADS, through its various companies, has initiated some joint research and development programmes with Indian organisations like the DRDO. Can you throw some light on some of these programmes?

It is always difficult to enter into details of those cooperation programmes which are by nature confidential. Nevertheless, it is already known that in 2010 Cassidian was awarded a contract by the DRDO to supply consultancy services to the Indian Armed Forces in developing the system architecture of its Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) programme. Cassidian maintains close cooperation with Indian industry and R&D organizations. One example is the successful cooperation with DARE to develop a Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) for Indian rotary wing and wide-body aircraft. At a Group level, EADS is working on collaborative research programs with DRDO laboratories.

For several years, an EADS company worked with the Indian Army on its tactical communication system programme. Now it seems that from an ATM based network the mandate has changed to IP based for which BEL has made a test-bed. It looks like that this would eventually be a multi-vendor programme with BEL playing the role of the lead integrator. Will EADS still be interested in this?

It is inappropriate to comment at this point of time.
What is the update on your engineering and technology centres in Bangalore? What is the current strength?
Two EADS divisions operate engineering centres in Bangalore – Airbus’ was created in 2006 and Cassidian’s in 2011. They are continuing their successful ramp-up and combined now employ more than 300 engineers. EADS Innovation Works, also based in Bangalore, continues its cooperation in Research & Technology (R&T) with various Indian research institutions, covering technical activities of great importance to EADS. Research in India currently comprises aerothermics, high-performance and distributed computing and image processing. The Cassidian Engineering Centre has been established to provide engineering services to European partners as well as Indian customers.
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