‘Milan, Exocet, Mistral and Now MICA are Linking MBDA and India’s Interests and Futures Firmly Together’
-Country Head, India, MBDA, Loic Piedevache    

Country Head, India, MBDA, Loic Piedevache 
MBDA has been in India for several years, yet now it faces greater competition from the Israelis and the Americans. How serious is this competition and how do you intend to stay ahead of it?

Competition is good for India – it will make sure that India gets the best equipment forces need. I believe that MBDA has unmatched capabilities that it can offer the Indian customer, not only in terms of technology and performance but also in the through life support we provide.

Indian Air Force’s MMRCA programme holds a great promise for MBDA. What MBDA weapons are likely to be part of the programme?

MBDA is the European guided weapons company so naturally we are closely linked to arming Europe’s two latest generation combat aircraft. We are therefore, ideally positioned to offer the IAF a full range of air-to-air and air-to ground precision weapons. Dassault Aviation has now been selected to carry out exclusive contract negotiations with the Indian MoD. From our side, MBDA definitely has the range of world-leading solutions to ensure the IAF’s airborne
superiority throughout the service life of its new aircraft. Weapons such as Storm Shadow/SCALP with its unmatched, long-range precision strike capability, MICA plus others will all feature in the discussions.

One of your most ambitious joint-development programmes with the DRDO, SR-SAM, is moving at a very slow pace. What is the progress on this and where are the bottlenecks?

Maitri or SRSAM is an Indian programme with DRDO as the design authority and Indian industry the Production Agency for radars, launchers, C2 (Command and Control), missiles and system integration. So you should ask the DRDO itself about the current programme status.

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