‘Saab’s RBS 70 NG VSHORAD System With Integrated 24/7 All-Target Capability Has Been Developed For Any Combat Situation’
-Managing director, Saab India Technology Pvt Ltd, Inderjit Sial    

Managing director, Saab India Technology Pvt Ltd, Inderjit Sial 
What opportunities and challenges do you see in the Indian defence market?

Saab is currently pursuing many individual opportunities in the requirements of the Indian defence forces. All of Saab’s Business Areas are active in India offering high-tech solutions and products such as the C4I, EW (Self Protection Systems), Signature Management, Missile & Weapon Systems, Fighters, Sensors (Radars), Maritime Security and Civil Security, LPI Radars and Sea Giraffe.

The company has offered the SAAB 2000 Medium Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft to the Indian Navy to meet the security and surveillance requirements across Indian seas. Saab has also responded to an RFI from the Indian Navy, for the Sea Gripen.

Saab’s Naval portfolio covers the air, surface and underwater domains. Saab has currently been responsive to the Indian Navy with respect to their requirements for Self Propelled Underwater Acoustic Target (SPURT) with the modular and reconfigurable Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV 62. Saab has also offered the Sea Giraffe for the Indian Navy and has a partnership with Bharat Electronic Limited in various areas, for example on the Low Probability of Intercept radar. Saab has offered both the Heavy Weight and Light Weight Air and Surface launched Torpedoes as Portable Diver Detection and interdiction and Hull Inspection systems. The Saab 340 has also been offered as the wet lease option for the Indian Coast Guard.

Saab has offered the anti-ship missile, RBS-15 in response to navy’s requirements for Mobile Coastal Missile Systems as well as for the inter-services requirement of a land attack cruise missile with capability to be launched from land, sea, and air platforms.
Saab has a contract with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for manufacturing of the airborne electronic warfare solution for Advanced Light Helicopter program for the Indian Army as well as the Indian Air Force. Saab is also responding to an RFP regarding the Land Electronic Defence Systems for the T-90 upgrade programme.

How is the Advanced Light Helicopter programme progressing? Do you envisage a contract for Light Combat Helicopter as well?

In our Saab has provided the Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS) for the Indian Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv. The IDAS will be installed on India’s Army and Air Force version of the Advanced Light Helicopter, also known as Dhruv, to provide these platforms with Electronic Warfare self-protection.

The helicopter features a modern glass cockpit with which the IDAS system is fully integrated. IDAS is the world’s most comprehensive integrated Electronic Warfare suite for airborne platforms and has been the choice for the Denel Rooivalk and Oryx, NH Industries NH90, AgustaWestland Super Lynx 300 and A109, Boeing CH47 Chinook, Eurocopter Cougar and Super Puma.

Have you got any feedback from the Indian military on RBS 70NG? Why do you think it is a good match for the army?

The RBS 70 NG is due to go for trials mid-year, this year. Saab’s RBS 70 NG VSHORAD system with integrated 24/7 all-target capability has been developed for any combat situation. Its integrated sighting solution, enhanced missile operator aids, unbeatable range and unjammable laser guidance combine to produce a system with world-leading capabilities.

The NG sight is software-based: the auto tracker and visual cueing have ultimately resulted in ease of use and increased precision for small — and large — targets, even at maximum range. This makes it a perfect fit for the Indian Army.
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