‘We See 4 Pillars of Raytheon in India: Military Modernisation, Air & Missile Defence, Air Traffic Management, and Homeland Security Solutions’
-President, Raytheon India, William L. Blair    

President, Raytheon India, William L. Blair 
How do you assess the Indian defence market? What opportunities and challenges do you see here?

The military systems in service today have clearly enabled India’s armed forces to defend the sovereignty of the nation, and now the Indian military is undertaking an incredible modernisation effort that will bring the armed forces to the next level. When I look at what is happening across the Indian defence, it’s impossible to not feel excited. Raytheon wants to be a trusted partner to the Indian military on their modernisation journey. Whether it’s helping to weaponise the MMRCA selection, helping the army modernise — including mechanised force, communications and radars — or placing new systems on the new vessels the Indian Navy is procuring, there is a great deal of opportunity for Raytheon to provide the Indian military with the most state-of-the-art technology in the world.

We’ve done business this way for more than six decades in India, dating back to our experience providing Beechcraft and Hawker — general aviation aircraft in
India. We listen to our customer, understand what they are trying to achieve, and then provide them with a solution that meets their unique requirements. It’s worth noting that for Raytheon, our relationship is more than a sale — we support our customers even after a product is delivered. At every step of the process, we seek local partners, whether it is to help us with the production and marketing of the system, or the lifecycle support. So while the challenges will always be likely, when you have close and trusted relationship between two committed parties, you can always find a way to overcome the same.

Raytheon has a very vast portfolio involving military, paramilitary and civilian applications. In terms of priority, where is your emphasis in India?

We see four pillars of Raytheon involvement in India over the coming years: military modernisation across the range of military services and platforms; air and missile defence; air traffic management systems; and homeland security solutions. Raytheon also brings world class mission support capabilities that can include robust training services to add even further value to customer engagements.

Our knowledge of the Indian customer base, gained through listening closely to and cooperating with the government, as well as decades of experience doing business in India tells us that these areas of focus align with the strategic priorities of our valued Indian customers.

What is the update on the T-72 upgrade programme?

For the MoD's T-72 upgrade programme [Thermal Imaging Fire Control System (TIFCS), Quantity 1000 for T-72 Tank], Raytheon and Larsen & Toubro have teamed up to provide a state-of-the-art thermal imaging fire control system for the T-72. As the largest supplier of this technology to the US Army, Raytheon can offer unique systems that will greatly enhance the effectiveness and lethality of the Army's T-72 fleet. The L&T/Raytheon TIFCS is a full-featured fire control system that includes a 480x4 thermal imaging Gunner’s sight, high-resolution day TV, eye safe laser ranging, full ballistic computation, and environmental sensors for maximum all-weather performance. The current T-72, with its limited night time capabilities, can now provide the Indian Army with world-class surveillance and battlefield engagement, 24 hours/day. With thermal imaging and fire control performance that surpasses the competition, Raytheon looks forward to a continued and long-term partnership with Indian industry and the Ministry of Defence.
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