‘R&D Has Predominantly Been the Driving Force Behind BEL’
-Chairman and managing director, Bharat Electronics Ltd, Anil Kumar   

—Chairman and managing director, Bharat Electronics Ltd, Anil Kumar
What is the current financial outlook for BEL?

We are confident of surpassing last year’s turnover of Rs.5,530 crores. Some major projects, which are expected to be executed during Q4, will see us through. They include Digital Radio Trunking System (DRTS), Passive Night Vision Devices (PNVD), 3-D Central Acquisition (Rohini), Akash Weapon System, Mobile Communication Terminal, Satcom Strategic Network, New Generation Sonars and Tablet PC.

The order book at the end of January 2012 is around Rs. 26,000 crores as compared to Rs 23,600 in the beginning of financial year 2012. Having received orders worth Rs 6,000 crores in the first three Quarters, we are expecting inflow of another Rs 4,000 crore orders in the last Quarter.
What is your projection for the next fiscal?

Going by the current order book of Rs 26,000 crores, we are expecting significant turnover for the next financial year. A major share of the turnover will come from Weapon Systems, Radars, Fire Control Systems, Network Centric Systems, Communication Systems, Electronic Warfare, Surveillance Systems, Tank Electronics and Smart Cards.
Ever since the Company’s inception, R&D has predominantly been the driving force behind BEL. Some of the key products which are currently under development are likely to make rich contributions to BEL’s business in the coming years. The company has also initiated diversification activities in the areas of nuclear instrumentation, solar energy, airborne radars, etc.

Can you name some of your current R&D projects?

Some of the ongoing R&D activities in BEL are in areas such as Software Defined Radios, High Capacity Radio Relays, Tactical Communication System, Phased Array Radars, Missile Systems, Doppler Weather Radars, Eye Safe Lasers & Laser Target Designators, Uncooled & Cooled Thermal Imagers, Fire Control Systems, Network Centric Warfare & C4I Command Control Systems, New Generation Electronic Warfare & Avionics technologies and New Generation Sonars.

Some of the R&D projects which are under development or in advanced stages of completion include Weapon Locating Radar, Aslesha, Bharani, Doppler Weather Radar, Software Defined Radio, Routers, Encryptors, 100W HF Radio for BSS, VHF Radio for Coastal Surveillance, Electro Optic Fire Control Systems, Coastal Surveillance System, Towed Array Sonar, Track & Wheel Integrated EW System for Army, Integrated ESM and ECM systems for Navy, Missile Warning Systems for Air Force, Combat Management System for various ships, Akash for Army, L70 Gun Upgrade, Eye Safe LRF Modules, Multi Function Hand Held Thermal Imager, High Repetition LRF for Air Defence, NBC Recce Vehicle and Sighting & Fire Control Systems.
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