‘Our Experiences in Successful ToTs Gives Us an Edge in Understanding the Requirements for Fast Assimilation and Absorption of Complex ToTs.’
-President, DCNS India, Bernard Buisson   

President, DCNS India, Bernard Buisson 
At what stage is the Scorpene submarine programme? Are all the issues which were causing delay resolved?
The Scorpene submarine programme is at the stage of outfitting where equipments are being integrated inside the hulls section. All past teething problems have been resolved since 2010.

What will be the timelines for the completion of the programme now?

In our The first Scorpene submarine is supposed to be launched at end of 2013 and commissioned in 2015. The last Scorpene is expected to be commissioned in 2018.

Have you got any interest from the Indian Navy on Mesma AIP? Is there still time to incorporate it in the last two subs?

In our We are providing IN with some information on integration of AIP on the last 2 submarines with the objective to preserve the present delivery schedules of these 2 submarines.
Since two major Indian Navy RFPs are poised to be issued in the next few months, how prepared are you to respond to those?

We have participated to the P75(I) RFI interactions with IN and we hope to be selected to receive the forthcoming RFP. As far as the LPD programme is concerned, we will be fully supporting the private shipyard we have teamed with for the forthcoming RFP.

Given increasing competition in India, how do you plan to project DCNS as a better option? What key strengths and unique technologies does DCNS bring to India?

DCNS, through the on-going P75 programme, has a strong Indian presence. Through our Indian HQ in Mumbai, we provide technical assistance, engineering and other services to MDL and other shipyards. As the number one shipyard in Europe, DCNS has a vast range of products to offer IN. Our experiences in successful ToTs in various countries, both in Submarines and Surface ships, gives us an edge in understanding the requirement and conditions for fast assimilation and absorption of complex ToTs.
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