‘In the Towed Gun System, Both the Gun and the Main (Ballistic) Computer Are From Caesar’
Indian Artillery campaign director, Nexter Systems, Thierry Soulat   

Indian Artillery campaign director, Nexter Systems, Thierry Soulat
While Caesar Mounted Gun System (CMGS) is the Nexter flagship at the moment, what are the immediate programmes of interest in India for you?
We are pursuing three programmes in India, including CMGS for which the RFI was issued last year. The other two programmes are the towed gun system (TGS) and up-gunning of 130mm/ 39 Calibre M-46 guns. Our fulcrum for these three programmes in India is the partnership with Larsen and Toubro. Of course, our immediate focus is the TGS programme, where following our response to the RFP last year, we have been invited for the no-cost, no-commitment (NCNC) trials. As this is ‘Buy and Make’ India programme, Nexter is going to be the prime with L&T as our main partner.
When are the trials likely to commence?

We don’t know yet, but we are hopeful that we will get the date soon. All we know is that winter trials will be conducted in the mountains and the summer trials in the deserts of Rajasthan.
For the TGS, what will your partnership with L&T involve?
We will provide the gun to L&T. The gun is the same as Caesar’s and it will be integrated by L&T. We will provide the know-how as well as the sub-assemblies for trails and carriage in the form of kits to L&T which it will put together during the buy phase. In the make phase, we will transfer the technology to L&T to build the TGS in India. I think both partners will have 50 per cent work share.
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