‘Our Aim is to Create a Simulation Environment That is Credible and Allows Organisations to Explore Alternate Technologies’
Director, Strategic Development & Experimentation, India Phantom Works, Shane Rogers   

Director, Strategic Development & Experimentation, India Phantom Works, Shane Rogers
What was the rationale behind setting up the Analysis and Experimentation Centre at Bangalore?
The centre was set up to engage with Indian customers to understand emerging defence and security needs. This includes the implication of new threats, technologies, Concepts of Operations, & impact to end user effectiveness. The facility was also established to reduce the risk associated with introduction of new concepts & technologies. Concepts & technologies can be modelled and tested in a synthetic system environment prior to development, production or deployment.
How does the centre help in the development of new technologies and advanced concepts for the armed forces?

Our concept is simple but it’s enabled through advanced technology. In its most basic form what we do is provide our customers with a decision support capability to examine a complex problem that they perceive may occur in the future or potentially face today. Our aim is to create a simulation environment that is credible
and allows these organisations to explore alternate technologies… you might call them alternate futures.

The insights we collectively develop as a result of these experiments inform defence thinking and more importantly, focus defence R&D. In addition, because the operators can interact with and visualise what these new capabilities will be before they are developed, they can evaluate and refine their concept of operations for inducting and employing these capabilities well ahead of time. This leads to a more capable Defence force.

What are the future plans for the Analysis and Experimentation Centre?

We have a number of experiments ongoing at present. Throughout 2012 we’ll continue to focus on delivering those activities to our stakeholders and forging new relationships. Beyond 2012, I see a future where we have conducted sufficient experiments to define the requirements for revolutionary technology insertion in the Indian defence market. We’ll then indigenously co-develop that technology with Indian partners and demonstrate it to the MOD in a timely manner and at a cost-effective price. That achievement will signal success for Phantom Works here in India.
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