‘This Academy Will Help In Bridging The Deficiency In The Officer Cadre To A Considerable   Extent’
  Commandant, Officers Training Academy, Gaya, Lt Gen. Vijai Sharma
Commandant,Officers Training Academ, Gaya, Lt Gen.Vijai Sharma

First of all, I would like to say that it is a matter of great honour for me to be the first commandant of the academy at Gaya because to raise an academy is a different cup of tea all together, and it is a lifelong association with the academy. You are part of the pioneer team which is helping you raise the academy. My vision is to have a world class pre commissioned training academy that moulds GC’s (Gentlemen Cadets) into professionally competent young officers with highest intellectual, physical and moral fibre. With this, I have two major focus areas. First is to create infrastructure and facilities that can help gentlemen cadets in their all round development with vision into the future as to how things will look 10 to 15 years from now. Second is to structure training curriculum of GC’s and to put in place SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedure),
that facilitates their growth and development and gives them a healthy environment to train and develop into military leaders, capable of leading men both in war and peace. And also, since it is the youngest academy, I would also like it to become not only the best academy in the country but to have world class standards too.

You see, in battle, a platoon commander is always in the forefront with the men. More so, the basic infantry tactics is executed at the platoon level. The platoon commander is thus at the absolute cutting edge of the army, as action is mainly on platoon and section level. Therefore, it is of prime importance that a GC comprehends and imbibes the necessary skills and nitty-gritty of being a platoon commander. As all pre-commission training of the Indian Army is standardised by ARTRAC (Army Training Command), the training curriculum and cannons of training at OTA, Gaya, are the same as followed at IMA (Indian Military Academy), Dehradun, and OTA, Chennai. Though minor modifications keeping the type of entries and terrain is their but otherwise, it is broadly the same.
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