‘The Experience That We Have Already Started Gaining With HAL On SFW, Is Invaluable’
  Senior vice president, international business and government, Textron Systems     Corporation,VADM  Kevin J. Cosgriff
If we had to divide it in two broad areas, we are visiting current customers, specifically the Indian Air Force (IAF), to compare notes and see where we stand on the sensor fused weapons programme, its integration on Jaguars and all the issues pertaining to that. You may recall that the agreement for integration of SFW on Jaguar fighters was signed a year ago. Now, we are getting together to work
out the detailed processes for integration. Simultaneously, Textron Systems is manufacturing the weapons. We want to get the planes integrated, tested up-through actual weapon release verification. In this, we have become the junior partner to HAL, which will modify the rest of the aircraft. That will be done in a phased manner based on the operational requirements of the IAF.
We are also touching base with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to discuss potential partnership opportunities. This is a follow-up to the DRDO delegation that came to the US in spring 2011. We had a preliminary discussion then. We want to talk with DRDO about universal ground control station for the UAVs and see if we can interest Indian customers. We are fairly confident that it could act as a controlling agent for any indigenously produced UAVs. We make areas security weapons with the concept of keeping the ‘man-in-the-loop’. This may be something like Indian Army or the border security forces would be interested in for their missions. We would seek to co-develop this in India. I am going to Mumbai to speak at Indian Navy conference and I am meeting Vice Admiral D.K. Joshi (Flag Officer Commanding in Chief, Western Naval Command) there. That is our potential new customer.

We fit in by having over 700,000 combat hours of UAV experience with the Shadow and the Ground Control Station. If I take you back in time and show you the Shadow System 2002 and then the Shadow System of 2011, it may look like the same aircraft with a little bit of modification on the wings. But the sensors follow Moore’s law, which means that they are three times better than they were before. Data link has more bandwidth and is encrypted. We can put traditional sensors on the aircraft beyond video. It has night sensors. It always could fly day and night.
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