‘Saab is Currently Working With a Number of Indian Companies, Both in the Private and   Public Sector’
  Managing director, Saab India, Inderjit Sial
Saab is currently working with a number of large Indian companies, both in the private sector and defence public sector. These include BEL, HAL, Mahindra & Mahindra, Wipro, Punj Lloyd, JK Group, Samtel and Mahindra. We take them as our partners on a long term basis. We see the Indian industry today, willing to invest, share risk and manufacture products which are globally competitive.
Recently, Saab inaugurated its Saab India Technology Centre, a Research and Development facility, in partnership with Mahindra Satyam, in Hyderabad, in October 2011. The centre aims to support the internal operational excellence and optimisation initiatives within Saab, while also supporting Saab to expand in the Indian market. The Centre has been set up to undertake Research and Development in aerospace, defence and urban innovation including civil security.
Saab is also working with different suppliers of machinery and composite parts in India, including CIM Tools, Tata Advanced Material Limited and QuEST Global Manufacturing. A sourcing office has recently been set up in Bangalore to focus on supplier development, further strengthening the presence in the country. Saab develops, industrialises and manufactures complex airframe assemblies for the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, including both Airbus and Boeing. The collaboration with suppliers in India has emerged from the ongoing programme’s need for lower costs, while maintaining a focus on quality and delivery. Production in India is now an important part of Saabs production flow and will remain so in the future.
Last year, the Swedish Security and Defence Industry Association (SOFF) hosted the defence and security industry delegation from Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Sweden. CII and SOFF plan to share and exchange information, organise trade missions and create opportunities for collaboration among companies of the two countries in the area of defence, aerospace and security. Saab plans to make India a ‘home market’ and a base for global exports and this was a point made by SOFF.
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