‘BEL is Interested in Airborne Radar, Electronic Warfare systems and Avionics for the   MMRCA’
  Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Electronics Limited, Anil Kumar
We want to be Rs 25,000-crore company by 2020. But even as our turnover increases, our profits should improve concurrently. At the end of the day, all the nine units of BEL must continue to be profitable. To ensure this, we will focus on research and development for creating new systems and products. With our own R&D, we stand a better chance of adding more value to our products. We already have 2,000-odd engineers working in R&D. To give a boost to the R&D set-up, we will make
more investments in infrastructure so that our engineers are better equipped. We will also look at technology transfer for acquiring advanced technologies wherever they are not available within our country. We, however, want to reduce the dependence on foreign companies and build-up skills in-house. We will explore joint ventures (JV) if they advantageous to us. I want a lean workforce, which is adequately skilled. My other two key areas of focus are going to be quality control and marketing.

We have been interacting with Dassault Aviation, France and EADS, Germany, for offset business opportunities in the MMRCA contract. BEL is interested in airborne radar, electronic warfare systems and avionics. We know that these are specific areas where BEL is the only or the best company in India. High-level delegations from these companies and their major partners have visited us. All these companies are open to working with BEL. We are now waiting for the finalisation of the contract. We are looking for a significant role in the MMRCA contract through areas of our known competence and through new areas like system integration and customisation of designs. We have already started preparing three of our strategic business units (SBUs) to handle this business. We have gone ahead with creating the required facilities, manpower, obtaining AS 9100 certification, etc.
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