‘Open Border is a Challenge Which Makes Our Work Intelligence-Oriented’
  Inspector General, Siliguri Frontier, Sashastra Seema Bal, S.K. Gautam
Director General, Indo Tibetan Border
Police, Ranjit Sinha

Sashastra Seema Bal is deployed on the border of India with two countries: Nepal and Bhutan. Siliguri Frontier has the jurisdiction over some area of both the borders — Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bhutan. Moreover, it has diverse terrain and climatic conditions ranging from flood and cyclone prone areas in Bihar, snowbound area in Darjeeling and Sikkim, as well as the thick forest on Indo-Bhutan border. Our deployment goes up to as high as 14,600 feet. Thus, our men face all kinds of situations while performing their duties.

We share our border with two friendly nations, Nepal and Bhutan and have age-old historic, religious and traditional relations with them. Our foremost duty is to instill a sense of security among the border populace, to prevent cross-border terrorism, unauthorised entry of third country citizens into our country, and to prevent smuggling of contraband items. Last year, Siliguri Frontier seized contraband items worth more than Rs 10 crores which included arms, ammunitions, explosives, narcotic drugs, fake currency notes and other illegal items.

Siliguri Frontier lies in Siliguri Corridor which is strategically a very sensitive area. This is a new frontier, hence, we are in the process of establishing the infrastructure. Presence of difficult terrain makes working very challenging. Open border is also a challenge which makes our work intelligence-oriented, for which, we also need cooperation of the public.
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