‘Ensuring Professionalism and Best Possible Service Conditions Coupled With Genuine
  Welfare are my Biggest Challenges’
  Director General, Border Security Force, Uthan Kumar Bansal
Director General, Border Security Force, Uthan Kumar Bansal

BSF is a 45-year-old force. It has a clearly laid down mandate. Hence, the primary task of any chief would be to pursue that mandate with full sincerity and a sense of purpose. This will remain my first task. I also want to make the force responsive to the demands of national security as they arise. It will be my endeavour to keep the force in a state of complete fitness in all respects, that is, in terms of man-power resources, infrastructure, training, motivation and so on. My other KRA would be the welfare of our men. I want to ensure for them the best possible service conditions and incentives. I would also be extremely concerned with their health and the welfare of their families.

There would be equal focus on both. Border security is our primary mandate and includes handling of crime on the border, illegal infiltration and smuggling among other things. But, equally important is any other mandate given to us by the government. The BSF has been deployed extensively in a wide variety of duties, for instance, during the Commonwealth Games, in anti-insurgency operations in the Northeast, and more recently, in the anti-Maoist operations where we are increasing our presence gradually.
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