‘We Are Also Exploring Opportunities for C-130J in the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard’.
Vice President, Business Development, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, George Standridge.

Vice President, Business Development,Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, George Standridge.
What is the purpose of your visit? Who all did you meet during your visit?
I am here because of our interest in India and the opportunities here. I was earlier in Hyderabad visiting our facility there. I am in Delhi for the rest of the week talking to different members of the Indian government about the items of interest between us.
What is the focus of your discussions with the Indian Air Force?

As a part of the ongoing dialogue between us and India, we are making sure we understand future requirements related to interest areas in any of the Lockheed Martin aeronautics products.

The US has approved another six C-130Js for the Indian Air Force. Can you elaborate on this?
The first six airplanes have been delivered. We’re very pleased that the aircraft are delivered early and under budget and are flying very well. I was air base last month where I got an opportunity to see the operations of six C-130Js. IAF seems to be very pleased and they are the ultimate judge if they like Lockheed Martin airplanes. As far as the follow-on six are concerned, the dialogue is ongoing between the two governments.
At what stage is that dialogue at this point of time?
We are talking about is the programme that they have asked for. The details of that have been put together and they are in an ongoing dialogue related to the precise details of that programme.
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