‘Northrop Grumman is committed to working with India, to be the trusted provider of the most advanced technology and capabilities’.
Tom Trudell, Manager, International Business Development at Northrop Grumman, talks about what his company can offer India.

Manager, international business development, Northrop Grumman,
Tom Trudell
How do you assess the Indian market for Northrop Grumman Corporation? What challenges and opportunities do you see here?
Northrop Grumman’s strong relationship with India goes back many decades. It is built on a legacy of trust and performance across numerous programmes and endeavours. The company supports India in a variety of defence and civil applications including air traffic control, communications systems and radars, unmanned ground vehicles for the Indian Army and marine navigation systems for the Indian Navy. It brings significant, relevant capabilities for homeland defence modernization and command & control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C2ISR). Northrop Grumman is committed to working with India, to be the trusted provider of the most advanced technology and capabilities. Our desire is to support existing and future programmes with the Indian Armed Forces and we fully intend to partner with Indian industry.
What is the response that you got for the E2D Advanced Hawk Eye System from the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force?

We have been in discussion with the Indian Navy. We responded to the Indian Navy Request For Information (RFI) for carrier based Airborne Early Warning and
Control (AEW&C) aircraft in 2010. We have informally briefed the Indian Air Force on the E-2D programme, though the Indian Air Force has not expressed formal interest in the Advanced Hawkeye.

How did you respond to the Indian Navy’s RFI for their AEW&C requirements? What are the requirements that the Indian Navy projected?

The Indian Navy placed an RFI for Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft on the Ministry of Defence (MoD) website in 2010, which Northrop Grumman responded to. The specific requirement was for four carrier based AEW&C aircraft, which is the basic capability that the E-2D can provide.
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