‘We Have Sold All Types of Guns That We Make to India and They Are in Use’
-CEO, Israel Weapon Industries Ltd, Uri Amit   

CEO, Israel Weapon Industries Ltd, Uri Amit 
What are the key business areas of IWI?

We concentrate on defence products including the sights of Meprolight and the weapons of IWI. We also manufacture ships for the defence of coasts under Israel Shipyards Ltd. Over the last seven years, the company has grown quite a lot in terms of production and revenues. Today, about 90 per cent of what we make is exported out of Israel. We do a lot of sales to India. But our roots are in Israel for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) for whom we are the sole supplier of light weapons. We cover the whole spectrum of small arms starting with pistols of all kinds including polymer and metal pistols. Then we have the 7.62mm machine guns and sniper rifles and other kinds of sub-machine guns and machine guns in between. Meprolight dominates the Israeli defence forces and most of our infantry are using their sights. They also export almost 90 per cent including laser dot sights and night sights. Camero is a newcomer to our group and had made a number of sales previously to India.

What weapons have been purchased from IWI by India and what are your future plans here?

We never speak about a deal that we make. That is the policy of the company. However, I can confirm that we have sold all types of guns that we make to India and that, they are in use. We work together with both the ministry of defence and the ministry of home. India is one of our major and most important customers and we are more than willing to collaborate at any level that India may want. Now, we are engaged in several bids that involve transfer of technology, which we are completely fine with and willing to transfer the ability to manufacture this type of weapon in India. There is a good relationship and cooperation between the governments of India and Israel. SIBAT is also with us and in many cases takes the responsibility for the contracts which are government to government and we undertake the delivery.

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