‘If We are Chosen to Offer any of our Products, We Are Ready to Build it Locally in India’
-Chief Executive Officer, Renault Trucks, Gérard Amiel   

Chief Executive Officer, Renault Trucks, Gérard Amiel 
How do you view the Indian market for Renault trucks?

We are originally a French defence company. We specialise in vehicle production and our main customer is the French Army. We are increasing our presence outside France. Currently, we have our presence in South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia and our target is to increase our size of the exports. We have already sold some vehicles in countries like Indonesia, and Malaysia. As far as the Indian market is concerned, recently we have sold some parts of truck named Sherpa Lite. We aim to increase the size and the number of different customers in France and also in India.

Have you offered these trucks to any of the Indian armed forces?
We will be part of their tenders soon. Currently, we are adapting the vehicles to meet the specific qualities that the customer demands. We will be able to customise the trucks and be closer to the qualitative requirements of the Indian Army.

What variants of your trucks are you offering to the Indian Army?

We have offered different variants of Sherpa Lite to the Indian Army. This 4x4 tactical and light armoured vehicle provides best mobility to the troops. With the gross vehicle weight close to 10 ton, we have provided different options ranging from four-seat and 1.5 ton payload version to a two plus 10 seats with a higher payload.

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