‘We Need to, And Are, Training to Meet all Contingencies in the Present and Future Manifestations of Warfare’
Commandant, Army War College, Lt Gen. Deepak Raj AVSM, SM
What courses are conducted at the Army War College and what is the purpose of these courses?
We run three basic courses — the junior command course (JC) meant to train officers to become company commanders and squadron commanders, the senior command course (SC), which is a just in time course for officers about to take command of their units, battalions or regiments and the higher command course (HC) for selected officers who have very successfully commanded their units. HC course officers come here between 20 to 24 years of service.

While the JC’ is a mandatory course for all officers of the Indian Army between four to seven years of service, the SC course prepares officers for the first level of major unit command. In this course, tactics form about 68 per cent of the syllabi and 32 per cent deals with command orientation, which basically means enhancing the capability of the commanding officer to..
 resolve problems in his day to day functioning. The HC course strength is about 70 officers. This course covers a vast gamut including national strategy and grand strategy coming down to the operational level. These officers are also exposed to various theatres of war across the country including all inter-services organisations. The course has a large component of tri-service joint training.

Apart from these basic courses, we also conduct the Information Warfare course which teaches student officers who have completed the JC course all aspects of information warfare and cyber warfare including aspects of media and psychological warfare. Another course which we started in 2006 is the Higher Defence Orientation Course (HDOC) for six weeks for foreign officers and some officers of the Indian armed forces. This course actually stemmed from the request from our friendly foreign countries. They asked us to either run a higher command course for them or include them in our HCC. Since our HC course has a high proportion of classified content dealing with national security, we could not have accommodated them. Hence, the HDOC is essentially a telescoped HC course without any classified content. During the course the student officers are taken to one of our theatre commands.

In addition, we also run a Combined Operations Review and Evaluation Capsule (CORE) for three and two star officers of the three services. Though officials from the MEA and IAS are also supposed to attend this course, so far hardly any have attended it. It is a seven to 14 day capsule which is run in rotation by the Army War College, the College of Naval Warfare and the College of Air Warfare once every year.

What is the scope of the CORE programme?
The CORE programme is meant for two star and three star level officers of the three services on issues of national security, military strategy development, joint operations, operational doctrines, defence production, internal security, terrorism and counter insurgency, media, the changing geo-political environment, and other subjects of contemporary military relevance. It involves eminent speakers (military and civil) coming as visiting faculty and delving into these subjects in a highly interactive process.
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