‘We Are Looking To Cater To Simulation and Training Needs of India’
Vice president and manager director, Asia Pacific, Rockwell Collins, T.C. Chan
What new systems have you brought to the Aero India 2011? We have brought here Virtual Avionics Procedures Trainer (VAPT) which is designed to provide timely avionics retraining and reduced operational cost. During avionics upgrade on an aircraft, we are faced with a growing challenge of how to provide the differences in the training for the flight crew on the new avionics before the aircraft is ready for service.
The solution is Rockwell Collins’ VAPT. Because we directly integrate Rockwell Collins avionics software, VAPT lets flight crews experience the capabilities, functions and procedures found in the aircraft without the high costs that come with using the aircraft. The VAPT system is based on Rockwell Collins’ advanced simulation architecture and features a modular, expandable and configurable combination of commercial-off-the-shelf technology, PC-based hardware and Rockwell Collins’ re-hosted avionics software.
This unique combination simplifies future upgrades without expensive hardware modifications and allows the VAPT to support multiple aircraft platforms and software configurations.
What are the major areas on which your Indian business is focused? management and business development resources, as well as tapping Rockwell Collins’ best of breed solutions from across our enterprise. As of now, we are chasing a few programmes in the area of data links, cockpit solutions, navigation and guidance.
 How do you plan to expand your existing presence in India?
Rockwell Collins in India offers all the breadth and depth of our products and capabilities, as well as an entire international business team to champion sales, marketing, strategy, engineering, operations, services and support for business pursuits. We are expanding our efforts in India with the opening of a facility in New Delhi. We plan to grow this facility over the next five years, providing more jobs to the Indian economy. This facility will house business development, programme management, engineering and related support activities for net-enabled communications, navigation, surveillance, displays, sensors, simulation and training, and integrated systems and subsystems for airborne, ground and maritime applications.
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