‘Our Roles Include Air Defence and Counter Air Operations in Which We Practice Air Dominance’
Commanding Officer, No. 2 Squadron, Wing Commander D.S. Dangia
You command the first Su-30MKI squadron in this sector. While the squadron has been raised, a lot of work still needs to be done. What is the infrastructure that is coming up in your squadron and in what time frame will it be ready?
We have everything at the moment to ensure that the unit is fully operational. But since a lot of weapon systems are new, not only to the squadron but to the entire region, we need to build facilities where these can be tested much faster. These timelines have already been formulated and the developments are moving to the plan. The deadlines set by the Air Headquarters will be met.

 Apart from this, don’t you need new hangars, blast pens and other such facilities to optimise your operations?
We have hangars here, though I agree these are old and only meet our basic requirements. But construction of new infrastructure is currently underway and in time we will get new hangars, test facilities and everything else that a fighter of this class requires.

How much training is your squadron able to do, given that you do not have the simulator?

The Su-30MKI simulator has just started to get commissioned in the Indian Air Force. In the absence of that we have something called the cockpit procedure trainer. It is a very basic trainer in which a pilot is familiarised with the system and emergencies; the main simulator that is supposed to come to the eastern region will most probably be installed in February-March next year. The simulator is already in India and once the building is ready it will be installed.

How do you do your weapon training?

We have training weapons with which we train on the aircraft. While we have the storage facilities for weapons, what we need are test-beds to test the guided weapons. Right now, we are dependent upon other stations for these, but once we have our facilities in place we will be completely independent.
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