‘In the Space Sector We Are Looking at Launch Vehicles as Well as Expanding Our Engagement in Satellite Controls’
President, defence & space, Honeywell Aerospace, Mike Madsen
What are the expectations that you had from Aero India and what happened while you were here?

At Aero India 2011, we engaged with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and our commercial customers. We have a broad range of products that serve the Indian armed forces and have many platforms; some of which are in production as well as upgrades. We had an opportunity to talk with all our customers as to where they see the market going. We see India as a growth opportunity for Honeywell across the board including the space business. We will be interested in understanding how Honeywell is performing on our current products and service. We have been meeting private sector companies, our channel partners, people who develop our products. We were talking to people on upgrades, repair capability and the capacity to upgrade and distribute our product upgrades.
These were not limited to the military sector alone but also the civilian sector, particularly helicopters.
What are the defence business prospects that you see here in India?
We look at India as a growth market wherever we are involved here. We have a large number of people working here in India. We have over 2,000 engineers in Bangalore and people in Hyderabad (aerospace) and Pune (turbo technologies). India is a growth region from an employment perspective and also from a customer perspective. We are pursuing the Jaguar programme; we also have upgrades available for the Mi-17. At the same time, we are closely involved in the Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) programme. We are involved not only with the procurement budgets but the operating budgets as well. What are the areas of opportunity that you see in the space sector?
In the space sector one area we are looking at is launch vehicles as well as expanding our engagement in satellite controls. We have an extensive business in the US that is focused on satellite controls, satellite positioning, satellite data acquisition, telemetry and so forth. We are talking with Indian agencies on how we might be able to support them in that area.
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