‘INS Hansa is one of the contenders for Advanced Jet Trainer Hawks’
Commanding Officer, INS Hansa, Cmde Ravneet Singh NM
What new assets have come up at INS Hansa and what more do you expect to come in the next five years?

The major induction has been of MiG-29K in January 2010. We are expecting a total of 45 aircraft to come here in the next few years. In addition to that, we have been building a lot of infrastructure, including a testing facility for LCA Navy called the Shore-based Testing Facility (SBTF) comprising a telemetry building and a ski jump to replicate the ship. Also, part of it will be a 12-metre strip with arrestor gear so that both MiG-29K and LCA can practice arrested landing.
In addition to this, we expect LCA Navy, when it is inducted, to come to INS Hansa, as will some of the P-8Is when they are inducted into the navy. Moreover, Indian Navy has contracted for 17 Advanced Jet Trainer Hawks. While it is yet to be decided where they will be based, Goa is one of contenders.
How does the Maritime Domain Awareness envelope going to look like 10 years from now?
The Indian Navy is in the process of creating a National Maritime Domain Awareness grid which will comprise surface-based sensors and air assets as also information coming from our civilian counterparts like the customs, the marine police, DG Shipping and so on. All this information will then be collated in one place for a complete picture.

In terms of assets, which platforms will look after what range and where? For instance, where will the Dorniers fit?

Each platform will have a different role. Dorniers have limited endurance and hence range. But the Il-38SDs not only have a longer range, they are also potent ASW platforms. Patrolling will only be one part of their role. Similarly, P-8Is will be able to cover a much wider area of surveillance.
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