Lockheed Martin’s Gyrocam delivers a 360-degree surveillance advantage to the military
Gyrocam Lockheed Martin is working with VEM Technologies, an Indian aerospace and defence company, as a potential integrator for Gyrocam sensor systems.

Gyrocam systems feature advanced sensors in a rugged, gyro-stabilized gimbal to deliver an elevated, unobstructed, 360-degree surveillance advantage to military customers. Coupled with secure data link capabilities, systems share mission critical information providing enhanced situational awareness.

To meet changing mission requirements, systems are cost-effective and easily tailored with interchangeable universal mounts for land, airborne, maritime and perimeter security applications. Solid, weather-tight construction allows Gyrocam systems to perform under the harshest environments.

Lockheed Martin is prepared to work with VEM Industries to bring combat proven technologies like Gyrocam to support India’s border security and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Both the Gyrocam 15 Triple Sensor and Gyrocam 9-inch Series will be available for demonstration in the VEM Technologies stand (Hall 5, Stand 5.1.7) during DefExpo.

The 15TS has been deployed with the US Army, US Marine Corps and NATO partners Canada and Italy. The system features night vision, colour and mid-wave infrared sensors. Mast mounted to armored ground vehicles, 15TS provides operators reliable surveillance and reconnaissance on route clearance and force protection operations.

The Gyrocam 9-inch Series is a lighter weight sensor system equipped with thermal and high definition color sensors. Tailored to meet mission requirements, the 9-inch Series features optional geo-location, auto-tracking and scene lock capabilities. With proven durability in adverse environmental conditions, the 9-inch series is ideal for border and perimeter security applications.


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