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  • Dependable Ally - September 2016
    A variety of Russian military platforms dominate the Indian Army
    By Rahul Bedi


  • Men and Machines - August 2016
    Time to seriously consider downsizing the army and bringing in technological innovations
    By Maj Gen Sheru Thapliyal (Retd)


  • The Long and Short of It - April 2016
    To meet future challenges, Army Air Defence has to be well equipped
    By Brigadier MKK Iyer, SM


  • Face the Enemy - March 2016
    The proxy war against Pakistan will not stop as long as India continues to counter insurgency operations in J&K
    By Pravin Sawhney


  • Multiple Battlefronts - January 2016
    The government should not neglect the needs of the Indian Army
    By Lt Gen. Vinod Bhatia (retd)


  • Target Lock - January 2016
    Attention is now being given to the Army’s Air Defence Needs
    A FORCE Report


  • Recoil Effect - January 2016
    The Indian Army faces challenges when it comes to acquisition of modern small arms systems for its infantry
    A FORCE Report


  • Protect the Protector - November 2015
    Government must wake up to the urgent need of ballistic body armour for the armed forces
    By Dilip Kumar Mekala


  • Aerial Engagement - September 2015
    Army’s Air Defence needs are seeing greater momentum
    By Atul Chandra


  • Crossing the Rubicon - September 2015
    The least the government can do to honour those who have served the nation is to implement the OROP
    By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)


  • Arming the Army - August 2015
    The armed forces urgently need to modernise the weaponry
    By Lt Gen. Vinod Bhatia (retd)



  • Marching into the future - January 2015
    As yet another Army Day is celebrated, here’s an assessment of the Indian Army
    By General V. P. Malik (retd)


  • And Happily Ever After - January 2015
    A transparent promotion system and opportunities for re-employment after retirement are the need of the hour
    By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)


  • From the Valley to Kargil - January 2015
    The 8 Mountain Division fulfilled its role brilliantly during both CI operations and conventional warfare
    By Lt. Gen. Mohinder Puri (retd)


  • Checks and Balances - June 2014
    A regular review and appraisal of the nuclear doctrine would help to fine tune it as per strategic requirements
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Nagal (retd)


  • Time for Action - May 2014
    The new government can no longer ignore the issues faced by the defence forces
    By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)


  • A Legacy of Good - April 2014
    For real gains from Operation Sadbhavana, the Indian Army needs to rethink its approach
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Working Together and Equally - April 2014
    The civil–military disconnect in independent India has to change
    By Maj. Gen. Sheru Thapliyal (retd)


  • Half Steps - April 2014
    The inward-oriented mindset of the 16 corps has a lot to do with the Pakistanis not being deterred
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab



  • Foot Soldiers of the Future - February 2014
    Complete modernisation of the infantry is still a pipe dream
    By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)


  • Arms and the Men - February 2014
    Modernisation of the defence forces is critical to maintain stability in the subcontinent
    By Gen Dalip Bhardwaj (Retd)


  • At the Crossroad - January 2014
    The threats have changed and the Indian Army needs to change too
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Back to Basics - November 2013
    Morale of the soldiers must be raised and for that a few corrective steps are needed
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Delayed Action - November 2013
    Ministry of defence misses the deadline for signing contract for M 777 155mm howitzers
    By Atul Chandra


  • Men and Morale - November 2013
    The army has to get back to doing what it was primarily meant to do – protect the nation
    By Maj. Gen. Sheru Thapliyal (retd)


  • Joint Capability - September 2013
    A reliable and inter-service C4I2SR system is an imperative
    By Prakash Katoch


  • UAVs Fly High - September 2013
    The future combat may see integrated unmanned platform and satellite-based sensors
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • It’s Elementary - September 2013
    A lot is not right with the army and the leadership needs to identify the actual basics to rectify the problems
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Light Weight Punch - September 2013
    BAE Systems M 777 155mm howitzers enters the final stages of procurement
    By Atul Chandra


  • Not A Good Solution - August 2013
    The go-ahead for an army strike corps is not the solution to fight the Chinese
    By Pravin Sawhney


  • Peace on the Line of Control - August 2013
    India should accept the challenges along the LC till some concrete measures are firmed up
    By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)


  • Forever on Defence - August 2013
    Ceasefire on the LC is proving counter-productive to the Indian Army, making it complacent to outer attacks
    By Pravin Sawhney


  • Time to Warm Up - August 2013
    Is India’s Cold Start doctrine a myth or reality?
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Forces’ to Rescue - July 2013
    The biggest ever operation launched to save the victims of Uttarakhand floods is an example of military-Paramilitary coordination
    A FORCE Report


  • Chopper Trouble - June 2013
    Delay in replacing Cheetah/Chetak fleet will endanger army troops, especially those serving at high altitudes
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Fast on Fire-Power - April 2013
    A look into the future of artillery modernisation
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Down the Barrel - April 2013
    Artillery modernisation needs to go hand in hand with ammunition manufacturing facilities
    By Atul Chandra


  • Combat Ready - November 2012
    Why the Indian Army needs attack helicopters in its inventory
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Almost Real - October 2012
    Helicopter simulators are training solutions for the future
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Covering Fire - September 2012
    Pace of acquisition and modernisation of tanks need to be hastened
    By Atul Chandra


  • Ground Reality - September 2012
    How serious is officer shortage in the Indian Army and how can it be addressed
    By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)


  • Pressure on the Ground - August 2012
    Arjun Mk-2 offers enhanced firepower, but it’s too heavy to go where the Army wants it
    By Atul Chandra


  • New Predators - July 2012
    Armed UAVs, their strength & limitations and the future of air warfare
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Silence of the Guns - June 2012
    At the cost of war-preparedness, successive chiefs of army staff have sought personal glory
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Fire’s Been Put Out - June 2012
    Indian artillery modernisation programme is woefully slow
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Growing Needs - June 2012
    The highs and lows of Indian military helicopters
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Line of Defence - June 2012
    India needs to focus on conventional fire power to face the challenge of a Chinese offensive
    By Maj. Gen. P.K. Chakravorty (retd)


  • Obsolete Technology - May 2012
    The dismal gun acquisition saga has now reached critical levels
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Maintenance Nightmare - May 2012
    The helicopters of the Army Aviation Corps are far too obsolete
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Transformation - January 2012
    Indian Army alone cannot meet the twin threats of Pakistan and China
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Power in Air - January 2012
    A comparison of Indian, Chinese and Pakistan armies’ air assets
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Growth Trajectory - January 2012
    Indian Army’s overdrive to increase its integral offensive firepower
    By Prasun K. Sengupta


  • Boys to Men - January 2012
    Making of a Gentleman Cadet
    By Sanjay Kumar


  • Not a Myth - December 2011
    Cold Start is a sensible and doable strategy for the J&K theatre
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Scaling New Heights - December 2011
    Pak-China work on mutual exchange of counter-terrorism experience
    By Prasun K. Sengupta


  • Enter the Arjun Mk3 - November 2011
    There is a need to move from regressive to progressive mode
    By Prasun K. Sengupta


  • All Weather Annihilator - November 2011
    Boeing’s Apache is all set win the IAF’s attack helicopter contract
    By Atul Chandra


  • Seek to Destroy - November 2011
    Indigenous programmes for air defence surveillance radars offer credible options for IAF
    By Atul Chandra


  • Sentinel of the Sea - November 2011
    The P8I fleet will help plug major gaps in the Indian Navy’s surveillance issues
    By Atul Chandra


  • Armoured Might - October 2011
    A new twist to the T-90 saga
    By Prasun K. Sengupta


  • Game Changers - October 2011
    Attack and assault helicopters in combat operations in the Tactical Battle Area
    By Bali Pawar


  • Tug of War - October 2011
    Nimble manoeuvre and combatant support are the strongest features of Army Aviation Corps
    By Sanjay Kumar


  • Rotor Models - September 2011
    Armament using helicopters will be extremely relevant in future conflicts
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Dragon on the Doorstep - August 2011
    Worrying inadequacies of artillery and infrastructure on the China Front
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Caught in the Mire - June 2011
    Army Aviation is a force multiplier which can tilt the balance in any future conflict
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Matter of Intelligence - February 2011
    Synergising India’s intelligence is essential to safeguard the national interests
    By Lt General P.C. Katoch [retd]


  • Valour Above All - January 2011
    Indian Army 2011
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Chinar Doctrine
    Time has come for a working relationship between the army, academia and the media
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab



  • Stuck in the Stack
    Indian Artillery marred by the S factor, stagnation and scandal
    By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)


  • Defence of India - August 2010
    The spectre of two-and-three-half front war
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Maoists Menace - July 2010
    Addressing the socio-economic grievances of the people should be the first step
    By Lt General P.C. Katoch [retd]


  • Indian Army 2010 - January 2010
    Despite being over-stretched and operating round the clock, the Indian Army remains on the fringes of the nation’s national security policy-making
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Knots and Crosses - January 2010
    Without a CDS with full operational powers, net-centricity in the defence forces will continue to remain flawed
    By Lt General P.C. Katoch [retd]


  • The Changed War -August 2009
    All defence, no offence
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • The Indian Army -January 2009
    Challenges of Irregular War
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab



  • On the Roll -January 2008
    Army’s roles and mission require a review
    By Pravin Sawhney


  • Punching Hard -January 2008
    Learning from Operation Parakram, the army sharpens its pro-active strategy.
    By Pravin Sawhney


  • Full Throttle-January 2007
    Learning from the past, army has evolved a war-winning strategy
    By Pravin Sawhney


  • Men with a Mission-January 2007
    Despite its success in J&K, RR remains a temporary force
    By Pravin Sawhney



  • Show of Strength -June 2006
    The army fine-tunes its new offensive doctrine
    By Pravin Sawhney


  • Jawan Aur Awaam - July 2005
    Lt Gen. Nirbhay Sharma Master General Ordnance, and former GOC 15 Corps, on what transparency means in J&K
    By Lt Gen. Nirbhay Sharma



  • Art of War
    Regional army command should remain the operational level of war
    By Pravin Sawhney


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