Identity Crisis
As a result of short sighted policies, the CRPF is now training for the job of the police

CRPF Academy, Khadarpur Had the short sighted policies and indifferent leadership not hijacked it, the Central Reserved Police Force (CRPF) could have been easily called the best paramilitary force in the country. Unfortunately, the oldest and biggest paramilitary force is currently in danger of reducing down to no more than just a police force. Interestingly enough, some of the inspector generals already started calling themselves inspector generals of police, deputy inspector generals became deputy inspector general of police, and so on. But what is in a name anyway? How does it really matter if some of the officers in CRPF started identifying themselves as police personnel when the Constitution recognises them as the paramilitary?

In the current circumstances, despite being the largest paramilitary force, majority of CRPF battalions were deployed in aid to state police. Counter insurgency and support to state police calls for a different mindset. Till today, the policy-makers at the ministry of home affairs have not been able to resolve this dichotomy. But with the growing menace of Left-wing extremism and the demand for CRPF, the ministry recently laboured over the roles and missions of the force. The CRPF, however, remains an ambiguous entity with the roles on the ground portraying a completely different picture from the Act. As a result of this confusion, CRPF personnel started training with police personnel in various states to cater to the immediate needs.

For example, Mahila CRPF Battalion, which handles similar roles of that of the NSG commandos, trains with the Rajasthan state police instead of the NSG commandos in Manesar. Also, some of the CRPF personnel undergo training in Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare school of Chattisgarh state police as opposed to the CIJW school of the CRPF in Vairangte or Shivpuri. Police is a state subject and the role of the state police is to maintain the law and order in the state. The training standards for law and order and the counter insurgency cannot be equated. Needless to say there are deficiencies in such training modules.

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