INS Vikramaditya to Set Sail
  Sea trials are scheduled for May 2012 and delivery for next year’s Indian Navy Day

 A MiG-29K mockup                                                
If things work according to plan, then INS Vikramaditya will finish its sea trials by autumn 2012, and will be ready for commissioning as the year draws to a close. At least, this is the time frame which shipbuilders Severnoye Machinery-building Enterprise (SMP) are working towards, at the moment. To show that the ship was 90.5 per cent complete, SMP invited a group of journalists to tour the ship in mid-November. Incidentally, when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev inspected the ship in June last year, she was only 68.5 per cent ready.
However, none of the Indian Navy’s new MiG-29Ks will take part in the Vikramaditya’s sea trials. Instead, two airplanes belonging to the Russian industry will be employed to attest the 14-degree sky ramp, the arrestor with three wires, the resistor automatic landing and the Luna optical landing systems of the Russian origin working in conjunction with Indian-made Deck Approach Projector Sight and ship-aircraft data exchange.
Captain R. Swaminathan and 45 Indian servicemen under his command in Severodvinsk supervised carrier construction work. Besides, 112 more Indians are undergoing training at SMP and special facilities in the town of Pushkin. Those who are in Severodvinsk embark on the Vikramaditya every day to get accustomed with the ship and familiarise with the installed systems. In all, up to 1,400 Indians will undergo training in Russia and maintain the Vikramaditya when she is in commission. Over 150 Indian specialists have already qualified.
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