Paris Air Show 2017
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Hit by Heat

Paris Air Show 2017

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Le Bourget, Paris: Fair weather continues to elude the Paris Air Show. If the last two seasons were marred by rain and overcast skies, this time, the sun tore through the clouds in full glory. The day temperature hovered mostly around 35 degrees, periodically touching 37 and the nights remained muggy at 29-30 degrees. Hence, one of the most hospitable lines that one frequently heard at the Show when visiting a chalet was — stay here for a while and enjoy the air conditioning. Nothing topped that.

People moved around armed with weather advisories and water bottles, while tales of heat getting to some abounded. In fact, the head of Indian delegation, additional secretary defence production, retired hurt after the heat exposure of the first day, cancelling a few of her visits to selects stands the next two days. This surprised many. As did the realisation that in India, people of a certain class do not have exposure to extreme weather conditions. They remain, travel and work in conditioned environments.

Perhaps, this was the reason that despite a marginal increase in the number of exhibitors over the last show, there was a drop in the number of visitors. While trade visitors dropped by 6 per cent, general visitors saw a reduction of 10 per cent, according to the post-show press release. In terms of business, the show clocked USD 150 billion worth of orders and saw 290 official delegations from 98 countries in addition to seven from international trade organisations, which included Indian trade organisation as well. As always, the Indian trade delegation was independent of the official bureaucratic delegation, each charting their own course.

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