Avon Protection Demonstrates Market Leading Respiratory Protection Products at ADAS
Avon Protection Demonstrates Market Leading Respiratory Protection Products at ADAS

At ADAS 2016 Avon Protection demonstrated their range of market leading respiratory protection products, services and project capabilities for military, law enforcement and Special Forces.

Commenting on Avon’s presence at ADAS, Nick Primavesi, Asia Pacific Sales Director, said, “ADAS provides the opportunity for global visitors to meet with Avon’s CBRN respiratory protection experts and discuss their requirements for their personnel. With customers in over 60 countries, Avon has solidly established itself as a leading global brand in respiratory protection. We understand the importance of protecting personnel in volatile situations and our world-leading products are a strong match for the threats these individuals face.”

Focusing on the military diving markets, Avon exhibited the new MCM100 multi-mode rebreather. The MCM100 is a multi-capability under water life support system (LSS) which acts as a flexible platform to meet all Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA) usage requirements. The MCM100 rebreather is suitable for a large range of diving disciplines combining very shallow water mine countermeasure explosive ordnance disposal, shallow (nitrox) mine counter measures explosive ordnance disposal, deep (heliox/trimix) mine counter measure explosive ordnance disposal, Mine Investigation and Exploitation (MIE) and Special Operations Forces (SOF).

Also on showcase was the MDC150 Military-Standard Dive Computer. The MDC150 showcased the latest developments in life-support systems, diving computer designs, advanced data handling and decompression physiology.

This next generation dive computer with real-time data/decompression loggers and a custom interface, is fully reconfigurable allowing remote programming as requirements change, and the multiple algorithm set-up allows for end user decompression system programming.

Available as a low magnetism option, the new Dive Computer is STANAG compliant for EOD/MCM use, and client decompression tables and procedures can be included.

With high resolution graphics providing enhanced resolution and backlighting for ultra-clear messaging and a long battery life, the new Dive Computer from Avon Underwater System (AUS) sets the standard for the military.

The new AvonAir range is the first adaptive powered air system capable of being configured to match changing operational conditions and includes the Avon EZAir+ power module, the FM54 mask, the MP-PAPR and the CS-PAPR.

The products are interoperable, cost effective, and able to protect users from a broad spectrum of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) situations – from small scale chemical spills or incidents at major events through to full defence solutions - to meet the new and changing needs of the specialist user.

Commenting on the new product range, Nick Teden, Product Manager for Powered Air Systems said, “After five years of development, working alongside the end-user community, Avon has produced the next generation of modular CBRN respiratory protection. Our focus on providing the wearer with lighter, modular and fully integrated solutions is evident in the AvonAir range. In addition, the ability for customer to configure systems depending on operational needs dramatically lowers their cost of ownership and maintenance.”


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