Infosys Expands Engineering Services Footprint to Support Ansaldo Energia
Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology and next-generation services, announced an agreement to provide engineering services to Ansaldo Energia, a producer of thermoelectric power plants. To support Ansaldo Energia, Infosys will expand its global service delivery network into Eastern Europe and Russia’s established heavy engineering sector by creating two development centres – in Karlovac in Croatia and Moscow in Russia.

Ansaldo Energia supports public and private sector power producers with a range of plant engineering, manufacturing and service activities.

Infosys will deliver research and development service delivery and capabilities, along with engineering services to the enlarged Ansaldo Energia business.

The new Infosys facilities in the two countries will have an initial combined capacity of up to 180 seats and operate as centre of excellence for engineering skills in turbo machinery, aerospace and automotive. As well as supporting Ansaldo Energia, the centres will support a wide roster of engineering clients. The new centres will initially be staffed by engineers that bring to Infosys extensive experience previously gained while they were part of Alstom.

Croatia and Russia possess a wealth of heavy engineering skills, enabling the delivery of essential support services to sectors including energy generation, transportation and exploration.

Juerg Schmidli, President, Ansaldo Energia, Switzerland said, “The combination of the former Alstom team with the global footprint of Infosys engineering services will help us meet our growth targets in the gas turbine industry. The existing teams have deep and long-standing expertise in power turbine design which will be important in our process of extending our technology capabilities and product portfolio in the advanced heavy duty gas turbine business.”

Sandeep Dadlani, President and Global Head – Manufacturing, Retail, CPG and Logistics, Infosys said, “The agreement with Ansaldo Energia is a landmark in the development of our engineering services capabilities. As well as providing valuable services to Ansaldo Energia in the development of new gas turbines, the strengthening of design services capabilities comes at a time when the industry is increasingly looking at digital design services and innovations to radically transform the cost and speed of production of industrial equipment. The establishment of centres in Croatia and Russia enables us to tap into a rich pool of engineering talent and bring this to the industrial and manufacturing companies that we work with around the world.”


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