Boeing Launches ‘Age of Aerospace’ TV Series in India
Boeing Launches Age of Aerospace TV Series in India

Boeing is ready to mark its centennial celebrations in India with the five-part television series, ‘The Age of Aerospace’ on Discovery Channel. The films explore advancements in civilian, military and space technology — from the pioneering aircraft designs of Bill Boeing, Donald Douglas and their contemporaries to today’s products, such as the Boeing 747, 787 and Space Launch System designed to take humankind to Mars and beyond.

Boeing emphasised that the series captures the evolution of the aerospace industry. “We are stewards of a great legacy – one that provides the foundation for a better future,” said Pratyush Kumar, president, Boeing India. “We hope that this series inspires the next generation of visionaries as we launch into our second century.”

The hour long videos chart how the company’s products led the way for — and often revolutionised — air mail, passenger transportation and space exploration. They detail how Boeing and its heritage companies helped forge an industry, delivering aircraft that played a vital role in the Allied victory in World War II.

The episodes also bring forward compelling stories of how Bill Boeing, Donald Douglas, James McDonnell and their contemporaries took the invention of the airplane and built companies that changed the world, delivering some of history’s greatest achievements in air transportation, space exploration, communications and the defence of freedom.

This is an opportunity to watch the fascinating but seldom-told aerospace stories from Boeing’s 100-year history. The series also is available for viewing online and contains an interactive library with 22 modules of bonus content at:, and


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