Technodinamika Witnesses Strong Demand for After Sales Services of Russian Aircraft in India
Russian Aircraft

Based on strong demand for after sales services for Russian origin helicopters and aircraft in India, Technodinamika, a Rostec State Corporation company on May 4 announced that it has concluded after-sales service delivery contracts to the tune of Rs 166 crores (1.6 billion Rubles) with the Indian Air Force (IAF) for the period 2016-2017. This was based on the scope of contracts signed with the IAF in 2015.

Currently, 900 aircraft produced in Russia (and the former Soviet Union) are in use by the IAF. “India is one of the largest after-sales service markets for us. By 2018 we plan to cover 15 per cent of the demand in India for repairs of assemblies and components for the aircraft produced in Russia,” said Maxim Kuzyuk, head of Technodinamika.

Going forward, an end-to-end service centre set up in Delhi will be used to conduct repairs of Russian equipment used by the IAF. The service centre will be responsible for procuring hardware and ground equipment as well as supply components for Russian made planes and helicopters. The intention is that the process of maintenance will be fully localised in India. Technodinamika is currently in negotiations with its Indian counterparts to create a joint venture in this regards.


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