Thales Ticketing Technology Continues to Improve Passenger Experience
Thales continues to innovate by developing its TRANSCITY ticketing solution, based on an open web architecture that allows for the integration of new payment methods.

In India, a new payment alternative expanding the scope of existing multi-channel sales is now available for users of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) networks’ contactless cards. It enables customers to recharge their smart cards from their smartphones by using Paytm, a very popular e-wallet app in India, which is now part of the Thales topping up solution. This new form of payment adds to the previously available methods on the DMRC website and their SMS topping up option. This project fits directly into the multi-channel approach of our TRANSCITY solution for improved passenger experience, which continues to be enhanced.

Thales has many successful references in the country which include ticketing systems for New Delhi and Gurgaon metros, Communication and Supervision systems for New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Bangalore metros, and advanced signaling CBTC for the Hyderabad metro. In January 2016, Thales was awarded by DMRC for the ticketing system augmentation of phases I and II of the Delhi metro. As part of this upgrade, additional ticketing machines and access gates are being provided to improve passengers’ travel facilities and comfort.


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