Soget and Thales Join Forces to Offer Next-Generation Secured Port Systems

SOGET, global Port Community System leader, and Thales, a global technology leader for the aerospace, transport, defence and security markets, are combining their expertise to develop innovative systems to secure ports throughout the world.

With an annual turnover of USD 1500 billion, the maritime economy is based in part on the management and protection of ports, which constitute a vital component in commercial exchanges. These critical infrastructures are experiencing a rapid digitalisation of their operation, whilst at the same time facing developing physical threats and cyber-attacks.

“Thales, in its capacity as the world leader in the physical security and cyber-security domains, has been making its skills available to critical infrastructures for more than 20 years. The Thales and SOGET joint offer allows global ports to effectively protect themselves against all types of threats, both on land and at sea: from physical intrusions to spying and the sabotage of their communication networks and systems,” said Marc Darmon, executive vice president of Thales, Secure Communications and Information Systems.

According to Pascal Ollivier, Director of Corporate Development at SOGET, “Seaports, airports or border controls remain focal points for international trade. SOGET and Thales make port security an absolute priority in order to ensure essential reliability in commercial exchanges.”

To address the new port infrastructure requirements, SOGET and Thales are joining forces to propose a collaborative offer combining SOGET’s know-how in terms of intelligent, shared and instant management of information relating to supply chains, and Thales’s expertise in cyber-security and in securing coastal and port sites.

SOGET offers logistics optimisation systems such as the Port Community System, ensuring the fluidity of the movement of goods and commercial or customs processes. Thales meanwhile, in addition to protecting the systems supplied by SOGET, provides an integrated safety, security and cyber-security solution reducing intervention times and improving the sharing of information between the security operators.

The port infrastructures thus enjoy a high level of protection against physical threats and cyber-attacks thanks to a collaborative platform and a series of intelligent applications (video protection, anti-drone surveillance, online security forces).

As key players in their markets, SOGET and Thales now offer reliable and upgradeable solutions for the optimum operation of ports, as well as greater operating efficiency for the Essential Operators present in these ports.


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