Inzpire Limited Selected To Validate Wildcat Helicopter Simulators
Inzpire Limited Selected To Validate Wildcat Helicopter Simulators

Lincoln-based Inzpire Limited has been selected to continue its assurance work on the Wildcat helicopter simulators that are currently used by British Army, Royal Marines and Royal Navy aircrew.

The contract will see an Inzpire test pilot, working alongside Royal Navy and Army personnel, continue to put the simulator through rigorous testing procedures to ensure performance and systems replicate that of the real aircraft as closely as possible. This vital analysis means that crews can train in the simulators, safe in the knowledge that the cockpit environment they experience will be as close as technology will allow to the real platform.

Jonny Priest, Head of Inzpire’s Helicopter Services Division, explained, “The assurance testing of the Wildcat Simulators ensures that they are the most realistic devices in use by UK military aircrew so that Wildcat crews are fully prepared in the use of highly complex systems”.

Inzpire’s Helicopter Services division has been providing validation work on the Wildcat simulator since 2012.


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