Thales to Equip the French Forces with Spy’Ranger
Spy Ranger

Thales is planning to provide French forces up to 210 mini reconnaissance UAVs. Up to 70 mini-UAV reconnaissance systems (SMDR) will be made available from 2018. The Spy’Ranger which will be the new ‘eye in the sky’ for the combined arms tactical group, able to be operated in a standalone mode or connected to a C4I1 system. The Spy’Ranger is specifically tailored to the needs of the armed forces, as well as to those of essential operators.

“Developed by Thales in cooperation with French SMEs Aviation Design and Merio in under 13 months, Spy’Ranger will offer French Forces a number of innovations that provide real capability gains. Spy’Ranger will, therefore, markedly contribute to the gathering of frontline intelligence and to the protection of forces in operation,” said Jean-Pascal Arrou-Vignod, Thales VP in charge of Optronics business.

The Spy’Ranger, developed by Thales in collaboration with several French SMEs, is a mini-UAV designed and manufactured in France, packs state-of-the-art technologies that provide much better performance. Transportable in a backpack, it can perform observation missions over a period of 2 hours 30 minutes, covering a range of 30 km, a much larger surveillance area than those covered by systems currently in service, its gyro stabilised multi-sensor optronic payload has the highest resolution in the world for this range of platform which facilitates the positive identification of zones or objects over which it has flown. Its tactical data-link offers high speeds allowing the transmission of a high-definition image streams. Its command and control software (C2) provides an effective user interface. A mobile and digital support management system, based on its smart fleet solution enables efficient execution and piloting of the Through Life Support’s.

Spy'Ranger is fully adapted to frontline air-land intelligence missions in battlefields in hostile environments (climate, electromagnetic, physical, etc.), it has been designed to optimise life cycle costs.


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