Rafael Demonstrates its Spike SR Missile to International Delegations
Rafael Demonstrates its Spike SR Missile to International Delegations

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd hosted a group of some 15 delegations from countries around the world for the first-ever international demonstration of Spike SR, a short range, precise and a tactical missile. The missile has been specifically designed for the infantry level (platoon, company). The delegations were from various countries, including Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Spain.

Spike SR is part of the wider Spike Family that consists of missiles with ranges of up to 30 km that can be launched from different platforms, naval, land and aerial, against a variety of targets. Rafael has sold so far 27,000 spike missiles to more than 26 countries.

Moshe Elazar, Executive Vice President and Head of Rafael's Land Systems Division said, “Spike SR complements Rafael’s existing land systems and is another level in its strategy to define and implement advanced technological solutions for a variety of uses for land forces in Israel and around the world. The completion of the project, which included numerous challenges in many disciplines, is another indication of Rafael’s capabilities and is a source of pride for the company.”

The Spike SR is a uniquely-shaped missile with a minimum flight range of 50m, and during the successful demo, the missiles were fired to various ranges, 150-1500 meters, against both stationary and moving targets.

A major breakthrough in the design of the missile is the unification of its emission and flight engine a unique development that has contributed to its low weight and short length. The missile is highly maneuverable and can hit moving targets at short ranges.

Spike SR (with canister and control unit) weighs less than 10 kg which constitutes a major advantage for small tactical missiles which are used and carried by infantry soldiers for great distances. Its other innovative capabilities include an advanced tracker that can lock on very small targets day and night, and its high penetration level due to its tandem warhead.


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