The Swedish MoD Extends the Gripen RM12 Agreement with GKN Aerospace
The Swedish MoD Extends the Gripen RM12 Agreement with GKN Aerospace

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has extended the agreement till 2020, for supply of Gripen RM12 which is worth over USD175M. These engines are used in Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic and Thailand.

GKN Aerospace has been a supplier of fighter engines to the Swedish Armed forces since 1930. In 2010, GKN Aerospace committed to guarantee full availability of the RM12 engines and GKN Aerospace is the type certificate holder of the engine in Sweden. The RM12 engine fleet has so far completed approximately 250,000 flight hours without any engine related serious incidents for the Gripen fighter aircraft. GKN Aerospace plans to perform a continuous technical product support, maintenance, and parts supply at its aerospace facility in Trollhattan, Sweden.

Mike McCann, CEO GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, said, “GKN Aerospace is proud of our long-term support for Swedish Fighter aircraft and we appreciate that the FMV has extended the RM12 PBL-contract. GKN is looking forward to continuing to work together with the Swedish Armed Forces and the FMV and to further develop our relationship. We recognise and appreciate the continued confidence that the FMV has demonstrated in our team in placing this contract extension with us.”


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